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No doubt the Buccaneers defensive staff has been crushing game tape, trying to find a way to stop Aaron Rodgers. The best access namely to get to him enough times to take him down,merely if you blitz Rodgers, youd best arrest him,for hes generally even better while hes hurried. And the Bucs location 30th amid Defensive Adjusted Sack Rate, so thats probably out, unless they tin get Albert Haynesworth to sit on Rodgers for a meanwhile.How almost among alter formations? Well, how about Rodgers meantime hes got two wide receivers? Uh, whoops. Hes got a utter 158.three passer rating in such formations. Three rnfl jerseys cheapeceivers? Nope. A 119.7 passer rating, which too leads the federation Four or more receivers? 116.two which too leads the league This namely getting scary Put forever of that up against a Bucs barricade that has been on the wrong side of horrible much of the annual (they location 31st amid DVOA opposition the pass),plus this could get ugly quite quickly Joe Buck may have us forever napping at the annihilate of the 1st 15 min.Dallas Cowboys (5-4) along Washington Redskins (3-6)yahoo_romoThough Tony Romo has been spinning the ball quite well of late, hes also getting a lot of assistance from his receivers. dallas cowboys jerseysRomo plus Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick are the only qualifying quarterbacks who have more than half of their completion yards on yards afterward catch The Cowboys location fourth amid (sacks per pass attempt adjusted for down, distance,plus opponent), which is also a testament to Romos aptitude to obtain the ball out instantly That want be a opener part of the game arrange opposition a Redskins barricade that ranks 1st surrounded.Washingtons offense has suffered a serious downward trend this season, dropping from 15th among DVOA surrounded Week 1 to 30th after Week 10. Thats never appealing aaron rodgers jerseysopposition a Dallas defense that has risen from 12th to 5th amid Defensive DVOA since the season began.Buffalo Bills (5-4) at Miami Dolphins (2-7)So,aside from Ryan Fitzpatricks enormous YAC percentage, what else is going aboard with the Bills passing guilt If it seems as if that chapter of their game has regressed, youre never mistaken. In their last two games, Buffalo has put up Passing DVOA metrics of -12.2% plus -58.2%. Are the Dolphins set up to take avail Decidedly so,nfl nike jerseys cheap. Miamis been playing much better of late,and their pass barricade is a huge chapter of that ranked 29th surrnew orleans saints jerseysounded defensive Weeks 1-9, that defense put up a much better performance last Sunday plus started off the second half of the season ranked seventh.Oakland Raiders (5-4) along Minnesota Vikings (2-7)The myth of the Raiders going deep with their receivers? Well, thats never to much the case this season. Darrius Heyward-Bey leads the Raiders among qualifying receivers with a 16.07 yards per reception mean,agreeable as 15th surrounded the NFL (Steve Smith of the Panthers namely highest by 18.65). Rookie Denarius Moore leads the crew with five receptions of 25 yards or more, which is a mini down the list as w49ers jerseys cheapell.